Art in Motion - Rhythm! 2021


* Art in Motion Project: Basketball is Jazz




Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell bei ihrer Eröffnungsrede


Ein Teil der Teilnehmer*innen bei Zoom


Screenshots aus der Whova-App 


Sicht der Teilnehmer*innen auf der Basketballcourt mit Holger Geschwindner und Christian Henning


Art in Motion - Performing Under Pressure 2014

Eröffnungsrede Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell & Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann
Eröffnungsrede Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell & Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann

Eröffnungsrede Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Christine Dettmann

Keynote Dr. Chris Mesagno

Capoeira-Workshop mit Marcelo Porfírio


Art in Motion 2012

mornell und turban
Ingolf Turban und Adina Mornell

krampe ralf t
Ralf T. Krampe: Musical Expertise: Mechanisms of Motor Control and Their Neural Basis.

gary mcpherson
Gary McPherson - Expanding the Boundaries of Musical Development: How Sensitive Periods and Cognitive Strategies Faciliate Memory, Motor Skills and the Development of Expertise.

Jürgen Beckmann - Maintaining Motivation for Practice.

m. de laet
Marianne de Laet - Anthropological Musings on Musical Motivation.

Victor Candia - Practicing to Fail: Effectively Blocking Motor Memories and Experts' Output by Means of Conscious Motor Control and Sustained Stage Avoidance.

Richard A. Schmidt - Information Feedback for Motor Learning.

Bettina Bläsing - Dance Meets Science: What Do We Mean When We Talk About Researche?

tino stockel
Tino Stöckel - Lateralization and Motor Learning: Implications of the Hemispheric Specialization Model on Bilateral Skill Training.

ilmberger josef
Josef Ilmberger - From Heartbeat to Postural Control: Stability is Not a State but a Process.

Andreas C. Lehmann - Pianists' Memorizing Abilities and Strategies.

Roseanne Rosenthal - What Can Be Learned When Instrumentalists 'Think out Loud' During Practice?: A Motor Learning Perspective.

Joachim Hermsdörfer - When Everyday Motor Planning Goes Wrong: Impaired Tool Use Following Brain Damage.

Denise Beckmann - Coaching the Parents of Talents.

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